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Streamside Golf Course

Welcome to Streamside's Golf Course

Our golf course surrounds our campsites and is composed of twelve challenging holes equaling 3522 yards, for a Par 47. It also features a putting green, golf cart rentals, and beautiful scenery.

Streamside Golf Course is a bustling place in the summer time! Whether you interest is instructional play,casual play, social play, serious play and/or tournament play; Streamside has leagues and tournaments to fit your game.


Member Privileges

  • FREE Club Member Cards
  • Full Golf Privileges
  • Use Of The Divots Restaurant and Bar
  • May Own Personal Golf Cart
  • Enjoy Privileges With Nearby Courses.

Member Rates

  • Single $425
  • Couple $650
  • Family $800

League Information

  • Monday and Tuesday Night Men’s League
  • Wednesday Morning Senior Men’s League
  • Wednesday Night Ladies League
  • League managed by our *LMS

* League Management System

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Golf Prices

Regular Rates
Walking Golf w/ Cart
12 Holes $12 12 Holes $20
24 Holes $24 24 Holes $40
Special Rates
Golf w/ Cart
12 Holes 2 Green Fees$35
24 Holes 2 Green Fees$70
Twilight Special
Golf w/ Cart
Mon - Fri 6pm Till Dark$18

Golf Lessons

Otto Armstrong

Otto is a USGTF certified golf instructor who joined the PGA in 1994. Prior to that, he caddied on the Ben Hogan Tour in the mid 80's working for Dick's Sporting Goods in Watertown, NY.

Otto taught private lessons at the Cazenovia Country Club, Brentwood Golf Course, and Cytrus Hills in Florida. He also taught junior clinics at McConellsville, Cazenovia, Brentwood, and Cytrus Hills.

Otto recently retired and is anxious to return to his passion of helping people achieve their golfing goals!

For more information call: (315) 420 - 3140

Course Holes

Hole 1

From the back tees, there are evergreens right along the left for approximately 50 yards. At the red tees there are more evergreens all along the right side, with grassy mounds. The second shot has a tall tree and water hazard on the left (Just short of the green). Last is your hit to a two tier green.

Hole 2

Water all across the front of the green. Out of bounds on the left. You will hit to a two tier green.

Hole 3

Frontal water off the tee. Hazard all along the left side. Water hazard on the right side of the fairway around the 150 yard marker.

Hole 4

There is a waste area in front of the back tees and there is a drainage ditch in front of the red tees.

Hole 5

A lengthy par 3 from the back tees. Two rather large rocks on the left. The red and gold tees have the same issues, only with a large tree that blocks out your tee shot from the right.

Hole 6

Slightly turns left at the end of the hole. There is a tree right in the middle of the fairway. You will want to get past the tree on your tee shot in order to have a clear shot to the green. There is a drainage ditch all across the front of the green.

Hole 7

A dog lef left, with an evergreen protruding from the womens tee box on the right. At the 150 yard marker, there is a rather large evergreen tree on the left side of the fairway and on the right is a grassy mound. There is one more grassy mound on the left side of the green.

Hole 8

One of the more challanging holes on the course. Out of bounds on the left and a big rock in the middle of the fairway with your tee shot. Your second shot will contend with a tree in the middle of the fairway and water in front of the green. To top it off with a two tier green.

Hole 9

Evergreen trees all along the left and right side. Your second shot will be to a two tier green.

Hole 10

A birch tree and a water hazard on the right side just infront of the tee box. There are evergeens all along the left and right side of the fairways. Grassy mounds in the landing area on the right side of the fairway. Your next shot is all carry to the green, as the geen is protected by water on three sides.

Hole 11

One of the tightest holes on the course. Out of bounds on the left with evergeens all along the right. There is a tree on the left side of the fairway that takes up alot of the fairway. Your shot to the green is a narrow entrance.

Hole 12

There is water next to the red tees and an up hill shot with evergreens protecting the green.

Course Rules

  • CHECK IN Club House Prior To Play and Sign In
  • CARTS Keep 30 Feet From Greens and Tees
  • PROPER Golf Etiquette
  • ONLY Soft Spikes
  • Repair Ball Marks and Replace Divots
  • Allow Faster Players To Play Through
  • White Stakes Define Out Of Bounds
  • Yellow Stakes Define Water Hazards
  • Fairway Discs Indicate Yards To Center Of Green
    • Red 100 Yards
    • White 150 Yards
    • Blue 200 Yards
  • FREE Lift From Flower Beds To Clear Club Swing

All Other USGA Rules and Etiquette Shall Govern Play