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About Streamside's Family

Here at Streamside we are not just a Golf Course, RV facility, and Restaraunt (Divots). We are a family. Located near the Eastern Shore of Lake Ontario we are in the heart of Salmon Country in Pulaski, New York. Our unique Rv Park is surrounded by a beautiful 12 hole Golf Course with an onsite restaraunt, Divots.

Beyond the stone pillars and white fence lies Streamside RV Park and Golf Course. Streamside RV Park and Golf Course is located on County Rt 28 in Oswego County or to many, Tinker Tavern Road. Sixty campsites are surrouded by 12 challenging holes equaling 3,522 yards for a Par 47. Streamside RV Park and Golf Course also features a putting green, golf cart rentals and Divots Restaurant and Bar.